How it works

Are there any additional charges or hidden extras?

There are no additional or hidden charges! The final price for the items quoted is the fee agreed prior to collection

When do I have to pay?

A 50% fee needs to be paid either prior or on collection. The rest of the balance is payable before the collection of your items at the destination

How big are the boxes?

The boxes size is 46cm x 46cm x 46cm. ( PHOTO)

Can I use my own boxes or suitcase?

Yes, provided that they are strong enough for the journey. We can collect any items you want to transfer. You just have to provide us with the items dimensions and description.

Collection and Delivery

Is the service door-to-door?

You can either choose to pick your items up from our depots in Limassol (Cyprus) or Aspropyrgos (Athens-Greece) or have them delivered straight to your home. Home Delivery service is provided for a small surcharge depending on the area and number of items you have.

How do I arrange a collection?

1. Place your Order Request Online
2. Accept the offer provided by sending as an email
3. If you require our boxes we will send them to you
4. You prepare your items and have them ready for collection (details will be send by email)
5. Our driver will collect your items
6. The items will be shipped to the destination warehouse where you collect them or we deliver straight to your home

How will my goods get to the destination?

The goods to Cyprus will be transported by sea and for the rest of Europe (i.e. Greece, Spain) either by road or by sea.

How long after collection will it take to deliver?


15-60 days from collection

Greece,Spain,Luxembourg,Netherlands etc

7-35 days from collection

What happens when the goods arrive at the destination?

We will contact you both by email and sms on the mobile number provided to us.

I don't want to wait for the collection can I deliver to your depot myself?

Yes, you can drop off your boxes in our depots either in Manchester or London.

What is included in the price and why is it so cheap?

The price includes ALL costs from your door in the United Kingdom either to our depot in the destination (Limassol- Cyprus, Aspropyrgos- Greece) or to your home, including CUSTOM CLEARANCE where needed.

The reason we have very low prices is due to the fact that we specialise only for personal effect removals of students and other individuals.

Are there any restricted items?

The following items are prohibited for transport according to the international shipping regulations:

Perishable goods (Money, Jewellery & Watches, Works of Art, Antiques)
Foodstuffs of any description
Tobacco, Cigarettes or other similar items
Liquids (such as alcohol)
Hazardous materials (such as paint, matches, aerosol cans or other flammable materials)
Firearms and ammunition
Plant or soil samples of any kind
Corrosives and explosives
Pornography or other banned material

Is insurance included in the price?

The items are insured under the standard terms of FIATA for personal belongings (£2 /kg with maximum amount of £50 per item).

Although we continuously transport electronic devises, musical instruments and other fragile items without any issues, we always suggest our clients to insure their items with Chartis Insurance at a discounted rate provided by

Can I get Insurance Cover?

Although we continuously transport electronic devises, musical instruments and other fragile items without any issues, we always suggest our clients to insure their items with Chartis Insurance at a discounted rate provided by

Marine Insurance Cargo covers the following: (link).

You can insure your items at the following rates::

Value of Items

Insurance Fee











How should I pack my goods?

Packing your items safely is very important for the secure transport of your belongings. The following guide will assist you to avoid some common mistakes done during packing. The most important step of packing is to ensure that all of your items either boxes or suitcases are marked with the following details:

Full Name
Reference Number that will be send to you by email
Destination Address
Telephone Number at destination

If using suitcases or sacks, make sure that a label with your details is taped on the item. The best way is to seal the label around the suitcase. We also recommend to have a label with your details inside the suitcase as well as on the hand of the suitcase.

Some advise for packing:

  • Pack as much as you can as early as you can. Don't leave it until your last few days
  • Pack boxes firmly to prevent the contents from shifting during your move.
  • Distribute weight evenly amongst boxes. Keep the weight under 30kg per box.
  • Don't put all of your books in one box, it is likely to be too heavy.
  • You can use towels or clothes as padding to protect other contents.
  • Tape all of the seams on your boxes.
  • Wrap each item in the box individually. This takes a little longer, but offers better protection when there's no movement of contents.
  • Seal the box well. Make an ‘H' seal with any reinforced carton tape on both the top, bottom and edges of your package. Ordinary household adhesive tape isn't usually strong enough.
  • When transporting electrical items - e.g. laptops, TV etc - please make sure that they have the original manufacturer's transport screws properly secured to ensure that elements/components do not move.
  • When transporting a computer please make sure that you have backup your data and ensure that elements/components do not move.


Make sure you write your NAME, REFERENCE NUMBER, TELEPHONE Number and DESTINATION clearly on every box.

The price is based on the volume of the items! A huge box will probably cost you the same as 2-3 medium size boxes. Therefore, you should prefer using boxes with dimensions not exceeding 55cmx46cmx46cm.

Do not overload your boxes (exceeding 30kg) for the secure transport of your items!

If you can't pick the box up and carry it - it means is too heavy!

What are the dimensions of my box or suitcase?

The dimensions we need for the calculation of the volume are: Width, Length, and Depth.

Can you pack my goods for me?

No, aim to provide the lowest price for shipping students personal belongings therefore we encourage students to pack their own stuff.

I have a question that is not covered here who do I ask?

We would suggest you contact us via an email at and we will answer all of your questions.

Can I call you?

Of course! You can call us on any of the following numbers:

UK Telephone Number: +44 796 1018 197

Cyprus Telephone Number: +357 7000 5000 / +357 99 802 000

You may also call us for free by using Skype: