About Metafores.com !

Who we are?

METAFORES.com is was established in 2010 and is well known amongst students as 'Removals for Students'. The main objective of METAFORES.com is to help students move their belongings from the United Kingdom to Cyprus, Greece and other European countries after the completion of their studies.

The quality of our services in combination with the most competitive prices in the market, have established us as the number one company for student removals from the United Kingdom to Cyprus and Greece.

Why choosing us?

Our purpose is to make removals as simple as possible and reduce both the cost and hassle for you!

Our understanding of student needs and the continuous communication and interaction with students, has established METAFORES.com as the CHEAPEST removal company for students and families. That is the reason why we have been the favorite service provider amongst students for removals to Cyprus and Greece!

The most important, part of our service, is that there are no HIDDEN COSTS! The final price is going to be the one agreed before the pickup.

What do we do?

We offer a quality service, coupled with the most competitive prices in the market. As mentioned in our slogan, 'Removals for students… and lots more', our services are for non business customers and have as a primary objective to help students and families move their belongings from the United Kingdom to Cyprus and Greece.

With the passage of time, our services expanded, and we now happily offer removals from the United Kingdom to other European countries such as Spain and Luxembourg.

We also offer services of personal belongings transport within United Kingdom and within Cyprus through our well established associates.

We have been the first company to offer in Cyprus and Greece an 'online shopping tool' where clients can calculate the shipping cost of items purchased online from United Kingdom.

Clients can book the transport online and have their items delivered to our warehouses in the United Kingdom.

This online shopping service has an objective to help clients that would like to purchase products online and the seller does not ship them overseas.


How does it work?

All you need to do is Place an Order request providing us with your details and what you want to transfer!

We will then provide you with the best available price, at which time you can confirm your order and complete your transaction.

Once confirmed, you just need to pack your boxes and suitcases! Our drivers will collect them from your door.

We will keep you updated on the status of your items and once they are ready for collection you will be able to pick them up from our warehouse or even have them delivered at your door!